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All Natural Wood Skill Toy Gift set

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Wooden toys are awesome. Wooden skill toys are beyond awesome. We've created this collection of four of our most popular skill toys, all in natural wood.

You get:
1. Bahama Kendama's original natural wood kendama. Standard regulation size and made of 100% beech wood.

2. Spintastics's old fashioned wooden yo-yo. Made from hardwood with cotton string. Just like Grandpa used to use.

3. Ringdama, a new take on standard kendama play. Fits on your finger and land the wooden ball in the wooden seat, or try any number of more challenging tricks.

4.  Desk Walker is as simple and as addicting as any toy we've ever played with. Just a little push and this perfectly balanced natural beach wood toy tumbles across your desk or table. Trap it on your finger, or try to get tit to stand on it's own.