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Spintastics Quicksilver Spintop, Ball-bearing Tip, Aircraft Aluminum Body, String included

$ 65.00 
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The Quicksilver Spin Top from Spintastics is a beautifully crafted top featuring a plastic/metal hybrid construction. The shape comes from the already popular plastic Trompo, giving it a nice large size for maximum spin time and maneuverability. It was designed with a Plastic Crown and a machined aluminum body which gives it an amazing weight distribution and added durability.

This top is a bearing tip which is perfect for more advanced string tricks. Note it is easier to switch a bearing version to a fixed tip but more difficult to convert a fixed tip to a bearing.

The Spintastics Quicksilver is designed for more intermediate to advanced spin top throwers as it is a bit heavier and requires a good release!

Quite simple the best spin top on the market. looks great and plays great. Designed by the master himself Dale Oliver. Plastic cap for better weight distribution. This is Spintastics longest spinning top. Treaded brass point with 2 precision ball-bearings. Includes string. For the experienced top spinner.

Includes string

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