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Ace Yo Naivete 2 Yo-Yo - Stainless Steel Ring - Polycarbonate YoYo

$ 69.00 

Aceyo Naivete 2

Always moving forward with the most attention to the small details about their designs, ACEYO revisits their first hybrid body yo-yo! Building upon and improving the original Naivete by adding a fast playing, more aggressive V shape and slightly wider body for easier catches, better horizontals, and all around higher performance! The hybrid construction provides incredible stability and spin times with mirror polished stainless steel rings providing the noticeably powerful rim weight, and glitter embedded in the smooth polycarbonate body for super cool looks! The Naivete 2 is competition ready and incredibly capable!

Weight: 64.51g/2.28oz
Width: 47mm/1.85in