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AroundSquare Bone Fragment Begleri - Skill Toy

$ 60.00 

Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Honeys

Aroundsquare's Bone Fragments were originally released as components for our popular Modular Knucklebones, but were designed to play well as begleri as well. Some of these pieces are simply so good as begleri, they deserve their own listing, and these are among them.

The Titanium Honeys are essentially round in shape, but have a slight taper at the bottom, giving a little extra grip and leverage where it's sometimes needed. The honey-dipper style fins give great grip along the sides for manipulating the beads, while the rounded top gives a comfortable "shelf" where the beads rest against the fingers during play. They perform beautifully, for players at any skill level.

Weight: 11.7g per bead
Dimensions: roughly 20mm diameter
Bore: 3.5mm "Goldilocks" bore, suitable for 275 or 550 paracord
FInish: machine finish in natty, shinobi (black) PVD, sunset (multicolour) PVD, or nightfall (one black, one multicolour) PVD

Skinnies Specs:
Weight: 9.3g per bead
Dimensions: roughly 16mm max diameter x 20mm tall
Finish: Natty (lightly polished)