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AroundSquare Common Begleri - 8mm Heavy Metal Edition

$ 15.00 
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Commons Begleri - Heavy Metal Edition

The Commons beads are AO2's take on the classic barrel shape. The shape is a classic for good reason. It is smooth and easy to handle, with good control, and generous rounding around the edges for comfort. The titanium, and ti/ delrin combo Commons begleri have become favourites of many players, especially for short game begleri play, and we naturally wanted to introduce heavy metal options to the range as well. However, since the heavy metal Commons are, well, heavy, the four bead setup we've used in lighter materials would be too heavy for most players' preferences. So, for a fresh experience and an excellent playable weight, our heavy metal Commons have been paired with an 8mm Micro Boss at either end of the set. The result is a small, nimble, and entertaining set that performs well for tricks, and takes up next to no pocket space. The design works great for short or long form, and although the beads have a 3.5mm bore and are compatible with 550 cord, the set excels on thinner cord, and will ship with our 2mm Kevlar and some 275 paracord options. With their small size, the heavy metal Commons make an excellent keychain set, and look pretty swanky on a belt loop attached to one of our begleri hooks.

Set includes: 2x Commons beads + 2x 8mm beads in matched metals
Strung on AO2's 2mm custom high density kevlar cord
Stainless Steel: ~16.66g all in
Brass: ~17.90g all in
Copper: ~19.11g all in