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AroundSquare Common Begleri - Titanium Delrin Edition

$ 30.00 

Commons Begleri - Titanium/ Delrin Edition

Our Commons beads are AO2's take on the classic barrel shape. The titanium/ delrin is presented as an extra light setup in this design, for players wanting something resembling the classic Greek style setups. This set will work fine on a thin cord for long game play, but where it excels is in the short game space. Lighter sets are very well suited for short game begleri because they carry less momentum, making them easier to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction during rebounds. The low weight, coupled with the multi-bead arrangement makes them much less punishing on the knuckles as well.


Featuring: 2x titanium Commons beads + 2x Delrin Commons
Set weight: ~10.9g all in, depending on cord choice
Available in six color options, and a multi-pack including one Delrin bead of each color