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AroundSquare Deadeye Hollow Contact Coin - Currency Manipulation Worry Stone

$ 20.00 
Deadeye Hollows - Acrylic Edition

The Deadeye Hollows are a progressive adaptation of our Deadeye contact coins, consisting of a rounded ring of material, which allows the coins to be manipulated in different ways. The acrylic version of the Hollows is very light at 4.4g, and has good grip (much like our acrylic "ice" bones), and although this makes it hard to perform some of the standard Deadeye moves like isolations and knuckle rolls, the acrylic edition is extremely well suited to slow play that makes use of the round contour of the Hollow shape. These are not recommended as the generalist version of a contact coin, but for those wanting to work on some new tricks, or just want a funked up version for pocket carry, the acrylic Hollows will be available in two beautiful variants, a white swirl and a yellow swirl.


Material: acrylic
Dimensions: 37mm exterior diameter (the same as the original large Deadeyes)
Weight: 4.35g