AroundSquare Everyman Aluminum Sport Begleri

Color: Natty
Sale price$ 25
The Everyman AL Sport series is precision machined from 7075 aluminum. The AL Sport series is NOT Hardcore Compatible, meaning the small beads from the Hardcore Gut System will not fit inside. The beads themselves weigh 8.5g each which is lighter than most contemporary begleri but still highly playable. While the beads are relatively small at 17 mm by 17 mm they feel substantial in the hand due to the angles and carry good weight. However, they lack weight to carry a lot of momentum and do not provide a lot of tactile feedback on the string but they are quite perfect as a kicking back lazy afternoon set.
7075 is a relatively soft and light metal and will scratch and ding, especially with hard use and drops. The anodized coatings increases surface hardness and will not tarnish or patina with normal use but will scratch and wear
Note: Sloppy Fades are slightly irregular. Most are not too bad but they are not perfect.

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