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AroundSquare Everyman Heavy Metal Begleri - Skill Toy

$ 55.00 

Everyman Heavy Metal

Aroundsquare's Everyman begleri is one of the classics. It was launched initially as a sort of "in between" shape, borrowing from the best of the Titans and Hydras, as well as referencing the ubiquitous "standard issue" Greek begleri, to create an intentionally simple, minimalist, and "average" looking bead--hence the Everyman name. All beads are 17mm diameter x 17 mm tall, and the heavy metal series is fully hardcore compatible if you want to add weight (inserts not include/ sold separately).

Stainless Steel weight: 13.2g per bead fits -275 cord
Brass weight: 14.5ggper bead fits -550 cord
Bronze weight: 14.6g per bead- fits 550 cord
Copper weight: 15.7g per bead- fits 550 cord
Includes carry bag, extra strings, intro card, and stickers