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AroundSquare Hydra Aluminum Sport Begleri - Hydra Aluminum Sport 2022 Edition

$ 35.00 

Hydra Begleri - Aluminum

Aroundsquare's Hydras are one of the most iconic designs in modern begleri. While the design is very simple, the Hydras are immediately distinguishable from the many other stacked bead designs that have followed since their initial release. Our Hydra AL Sport (2022 editions) feature the same stacked-bead design as the original release, but with an updated 4mm bore, optimized for 550 paracord.

The Hydra AL Sports are precision machined from aircraft grade (7075) aluminum, and anodized in brilliant colours. This version comes with four beads, weighing in at around 4g per bead, for a total of around 17g per 4 bead setup (with cord). The beads themselves are 16mm in diameter and 8mm thick, making 2-bead stacks of 16x16mm. The four-bead configuration plays very fast and light, and is extremely nimble. The small profile makes this configuration suitable for all tricks, including gap transfers.

Weights: Around 4g per bead, or 17g per set (with cord)
Includes extra strings, intro card, and stickers (varying with availability)