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AroundSquare Hydra Micro Begleri

$ 25.00 

The Micro Hydras were originally developed back in 2016 as an "accessory" to add weight to our hardcore compatible shells. However, as begleri play has evolved, preferences has grown for smaller and lighter sets to the point where these are now considered a legitimate stand alone set among intermediate and advanced players. The 2021 Edition of the Micro Hydras steps back to the original 11.8mm by 4mm size, but features an updated 3.5mm bore, allowing them to work nicely on either 550 or 275 paracord. These beads are part of the Hardcore Gut System, which allows players to customize the weight and feel of their begleri by matching them with a compatible "hardore" shell. For new/ beginning players, it would probably would be advisable to start with a larger set, or to pick up some hardcore compatible shells for these.

8-pack weight ~10.7g per end, or 23.4g all in for the full set with cord
Aluminum ~1.1 per bead
Stainless ~3.1 per bead
Brass ~3.2 per bead
Copper ~3.4 per bead