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AroundSquare Knucklebone Mini Skill Toy - Begleri - Small

$ 45.00 

Knucklebone Smalls

While AroundSquare stands by the original size of the knucklebone design, these Minis are ridiculously fun, and not nearly as difficult as you might think. The minis, although substantially smaller than the original size, still benefit from a similar weight distribution, and unless you have giant hands, the size is still very nicely proportioned for the standard range of tricks. This new size benefits from a substantial weight reduction compared to the OG size as well, making it more pocket friendly, and even more inconspicuous in the hand.

Mini Knucklebones:
Sized down 10% from the original size
Titanium (sandblasted): 31.4g
Stainless (polished): 56.0g
Brass (polished): 60.1g
Copper (polished): 63.5g