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AroundSquare Lil' Boss Begleri - 15mm Bead - Skill Toy

$ 45.00 
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Lil' Boss Begleri

The Lil' Bosses are about as simple as begleri can get. Although they were never produced in large quantities, these 15mm bangers were first begleri ever designed or sold by Aroundsquare. The original Lil Bosses were produced back in 2015 in very small batches. At the time, AroundSquare loved everything about the design, but with an eye to the future of begleri as a skill toy and EDC item, they opted to go forward with larger beads and a range of other designs with features they knew players would appreciate as the game developed. As the product range has grown to include dozens of shapes and styles of begleri, they decided it was time to bring back this Aroundsquare original. The beads have been updated with a perfect "Goldilocks" 3.5mm bore, and a subtle laser etching to counterbalance the extreme minimalism of the beads. They are available with your choice of our AO2 "anarchy" logo, or the full AROUNDSQUARE word mark.

The Lil' Bosses are available in a variety of materials. The titanium version can be purchased as a stand alone 15mm bead set, or with the addition of two titanium Micro Bosses, for a heavier multi-bead combo set. The other metal versions (stainless steel, brass, copper, and 7075 aluminum) are sold only as 15mm sets (for those wanting micro bosses, they can be purchase separately under the micro boss listing).

-Titanium 15mm version: 7.0g each per end, with your choice of either logo or wordmark etching
-Titanium combo (15mm and 12mm sets): or 10.4g per end, includes one Logo 15mm bead, and one wordmarked 15mm bead.
-Stainless 15mm model: 12.8g per end, machine finished, with wordmark
-Brass 15mm model: 12.9g per end, machine finished, with wordmark
-Copper 15mm model: 14.4g per end, machine finished, with faint wordmark
-Aluminum 15mm model: 4.5g per end, clear anodized, with wordmark

All beads feature a 3.5mm Goldilocks bore, for use with either 275 or 550 paracord