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AroundSquare Mala Beads - Manipulation Worry Beads - Skill Toy

$ 40.00 

Mala Beads

Aroundsquare's take on the classic mala beads, a wearable worry bead set used around the world to focus the mind and steady the nerves. The mala bead bracelets are uniquely strung on a natural waxed cotton cord, and accented with a nicely matched, tumbled metal head bead.

Each set consists of 15 wooden beads (15mm each) and a smaller head bead. The adjustable closure is provided by a sliding knot, which can be tightened as needed. They are available in five varieties:

Kusunoki (camphor) wood, with titanium head bead.
Zebrano, with stainless steel head bean
Cedar, with brass head bead
Rosewood, with brass head bead