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AroundSquare Mini Standard Begleri - Precision Machined and Polished -

$ 40.00 

The Mini Standard series is sized at 14mm tall by 14mm wide, making it the most compact standalone set we have produced to date. The beads are noticeably smaller than our other begleri, but due to the angles and compact weight, they feel very substantial in the hand, and during play. Note that unlike the Modern Standard beads, the Mini Standards are not Hardcore Compatible, meaning the inner bore is not large enough to accommodate the beads of the Hardcore Gut System. This shouldn't be a concern for most players, as the Mini Standard beads are sufficiently weighted to play very well on their own. Individual bead weights are as follows:
- Mini Standard - Bronze: 9.7g
- Mini Standard - Titanium: 7.5g
- Mini Standard - Copper: 14.8g
- Mini Standard - Brass: 13.9g
- Mini Standard - Stainless: 13.0g
- Mini Standard - Damascus: 8.9g
Note that, if used correctly, the smooth polished look of these ain't gonna last.