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AroundSquare MKUltras Delrin Edition - Mala/Komboloi Beads - Manipulation Beads

$ 70.00 

Delrin Edition

The MKUltras Delrin Edition consists of 17 of our new barrel-shaped Delrin beads, measuring approximately 11x11mm each, with a 15mm stainless steel Lil' Boss bead to close/ adjust the loop. The Delrin beads have a unique look and feel on the wrist, and are very comfortable to wear due to their light weight and rounding. In terms of features, the sets are suitable to any play style. They are light and nimble, and work great with the heavier SS boss bead. The shape is very comfortable to manipulate for bead counting and breath work, and the clack of the delrin is crisp and warm when performing "raindrops", making this an extremely well rounded set. The material has the added advantage of being very robust, and easy to care for.

17x 11x11mm cylindrical Delrin beads + 1x 15mm stainless steel Micro Boss (bead dimensions may vary slightly due to polishing and chamfering)
Set weight: ~35.6g (delrin beads at ~1.2g each)
Strung on AO2's new custom 12-strand, high density, 2mm Kevlar cord
All beads drilled with 3.5mm bore