AroundSquare MoKnuckles - Delrin - Single Ball - Begleri Skill Toy

Color: White
Sale price$ 30

MoKnuckle is the single ball variant of our Monkey Knuckles skill toy. It's amazing how much flow can be generated with just one ball on a string, and this setup, with delrin balls on soft 550 paracord, is ready to take that flow to the next level. The MoKnuckle features slightly larger balls than the delrin Monkey Knuckles, and are designed to give the player just a little bit of extra momentum to maximize the one-ball flow. The end grips are also slightly larger as well, giving the toy just the right balance when performing release moves, and carrying a little extra momentum to sustain motion once they are released.

Just like the two-balled Monkey Knuckles, these guys give professional grade performance. They ship with soft 550 paracord, which handles like a dream. The knuckles and end grips are machined from high quality POM/ delrin material, which will hold up to any abuse you give them. This is a versatile skill toy, designed give many years of solid play. The MoKnuckles come with two additional strings, a carry bag, an info card, and a couple of stickers (no box).

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