AroundSquare Sigma Begleri - Skill Toy

Color: Titanium Natty Sandblast
Sale price$ 55

The Sigmas represent the continued evolution of Aroundsquare's begleri range, and the design underscores just how much subtle differences and refinements can affect the feel and play of a set. The Sigmas feature a generously rounded edges, which makes them extremely comfortable to play, and somewhat springy like the Micro Boss, while retaining enough of a "shelf" at the top of the bead stack to make them easy to manipulate. They are very light, and suitable for extended use, but because of the oblong shape, they carry momentum like a heavier set, and feel heavier than the weight would suggest.

Bead weight: 3.8g
Set weight: ~16.9g including cord
Available in a wide range of colours and finishes
Natty: machine finished; sand blasted; tumbled; shinobi (black PVD); sunset (multicolour fade PVD); business class (golden PVD); blue (anodized)

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