AroundSquare Titan Begleri - 2018 Titan Aluminum

Color: Pink/Turquoise
Sale price$ 30
Aroundsquare’s Titans are probably one of the best known begleri designs in the game. The Titans were AO2’s first large scale solo release, and they remain at the core of the lineup. Like all Titans, the AL Sports are dome topped, with a rounded bottom, and a straight, knurled barrel for excellent control and extremely smooth play. The 2018 Titans have been updated with a 3.5mm “Goldilocks” bore, suitable for both 275 and 550 paracord, and an updated colour range. They are 20mm by 20mm, and weigh about 13g per bead, making them slightly larger, and considerably lighter than the titanium version.

The Titan AL Sport begleri from Aroundsquare are precision machined from aluminum, and are anodized and polished to provide a smooth finish with a little bit of extra durability. However, please note that aluminum is a soft metal, and the surface of these will get dinged and scratched over time. This aging process gives them a great texture which helps with grip and bead control, and eliminates the need for machined knurling.

They come with a couple extra strings, a couple stickers, an info card, and a canvas carry bag. Stickers, bag, and cord colours may not be as shown, since these change with availability.

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