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Brandon Vu x Jeffrey Pang CHEATCODE Yo-Yo - The Ultimate Fingerspin YoYo

$ 65.00 

Designed by Brandon Vu & Jeffrey Pang

From Jeffrey Pang:
This is the Cheatcode! Developed around the concept of an "Ultimate Fingerspin Yoyo". The low friction delrin cap shares lineage with the original Skyva but is updated to solve issues like aimless wander, where your finger doesn't go into the dimple.

The angles on the delrin cap forces the yoyo to gyroscopically wait until a predetermined angle. The yoyo will then effortlessly slip your finger into the dimple. Brandon jokingly named it the "Auto Orientation Technology" and it kind of stuck so we used that term on the side of the box .Realistically it just means that even if the yoyo isn't perfectly thrown, it will always go into a fingerspin at any angle. This makes it way easier for beginners struggling with learning this trick - a cheatcode for it as the name implies!

The width brings it up to modern competition yoyo standards to help with learning complicated string tricks.

Weight: 67.2g/2.37oz
Width: 46mm/ 1.81in
Diameter: 56mm/2.20in
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Cap Material: Delrin Plastic
Bearing Size: Size C
Pad Size: 19mm