C3yoyodesign Contrail Yo-Yo - Off String POM YoYo - Rei Iwakura Signature

Color: White
Sale price$ 54.99

Contrail is C3's latest and greatest off string yo-yo, the second signature model for 4A world champion, Rei Iwakura.

There are many genres of off string play, and this yo-yo was designed as the perfect all-arounder, for beginners all the way to expert players. As Rei's second signature model, it's important to point out that the Contrail's concept varies wildly from the dead-stable spin of the Flawless.

The body shape is based on a combination of the Flawless and the Aura, and machined from the same POM plastic material. It has the same catch zone as the Neo Solar, with a similarly rounded low-edge as the Orbit and Toss, making it easier to maintain balance during play through endless regenerations, while the body is so well balanced that even a light throw can be highly playable. C3 has considered everything an off string player could want, and given it to us. The Contrail is easy to throw and easy to hit tricks with.

For casual play or competitive play, performances, training, and trick creation, you can't go wrong with this one. The Contrail is our new favorite recommendation.

Please note that the axle thickness has been stepped up for added toughness and durability.

Weight: 83.5g
Width: 59.8
Diameter: 77.6
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm Slim
Axle: 5x30mm

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