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C3yoyodesign Radius Ti Yo-Yo - Shion Araya Signature Titanium YoYo

$ 399.99 

2016, 2017 World Yo-Yo Contest 1A Champion Shion Araya - "Radius Titanium"

Rigid and Soft
The appearance and size is based on the latest AL7068 version. Due to different features and density of the material, they modified the right-angled section of the body into a rounded shape, which makes it a comfortable with a stronger feeling!

Powerful Spinning
As we all know, the density of titanium alloy is higher than aluminum alloy. Based on this feature, C3 and Shion have spent a lot of effort and fine-tuning on weight distribution design. It seems simple, but it took them many times to make samples. The reason is Shion who pursues the ultimate perfection. The hubs part has been modified many times to achieve satisfaction, because the hubs design and outer ring weight distribution directly affect the feeling. Finally, they made "Radius Titanium" combined with powerful spinning and lighter feeling of titanium material. "Radius Titanium" is extremely suitable for Shion's speed-type freestyle, and the sense of line collision is strong.

"Radius Titanium" applied C3's famous rainbow color engraving. with "Radius's" most eye-catching Logo design, which hides the "SHION" letters. In addition, Shion specially requested a small logo version.

Weight: 63.9g/2.25oz
Width: 43mm/1.69in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Material: Titanium