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C3yoyodesign Speedaholic XX Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate Plastic Beginner YoYo

$ 28.00 

Speedaholic XX

The Speedaholic XX is an unresponsive machined polycarbonate Yo-Yo with a fingerspin hub. It features a very nice texture that feels good in the hand and during grind tricks! This modern H shape profile with its thick rims offers great power and spin. Another new feature is an updated cup that is truly great for finger spins.

* White Naoto Edition comes Responsive with a thin bearing.
-Glow - Charge under light for full effect

Diameter: 57.95mm
Width: 46.15mm
Gap Width: 4.65mm
Weight: 66.5g
Bearing: Size C
Response: 19mm Slim
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic