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Desk Walker - Wooden Skill Toy by Bahama Kendama Deskwalker

$ 9.99 

Bahama Kendama's Desk Walker is a simple toy that is extremely challenging and fun. You can just fidget with it while on the phone, try to land new tricks or compete against friends. A great fidgeting toy and a way to build dexterity and exercise your patience.
There is no right or wrong way to play with a Desk Walker. Just give it a push and see if you can catch it on its ends, land it balanced or knock into a target. The possibilities for types of play are endless. One thing is certain, you will be addicted! The Desk Walker will grab your attention and challenge your dexterity.

The Desk Walker is fun for everyone!

Note: Made of quality maple wood with silicone padded ends.

Weight: @15g-18g/0.53oz-0.63oz
Width: @56mm/2.2in