Duncan Barracuda X Yo-Yo - 7075 AL Bi-Metal YoYo - Signature Yo-Yo of World Champion Rafael Matsunaga!

Color: Rodrigo "Whip" Yakota Special Edition
Sale price$ 84.99

A yo-yo that is time-proven, used to win three world and more than twenty national, regional, and state championships. A classic Duncan yo-yo that is relevant even in the modern yo-yo scene. But they wanted something better...

Presenting to you their seventh bi-metal yo-yo, the Barracuda X, signature yo-yo of world champion Rafael Matsunaga!

After revisiting this timeless design for the fourth time, Duncan realized that they needed a bi-metal version. They didn’t want this to be mediocre yo-yo, so they put everything in to designing this product.

Barracuda X Specs:

Weight: 63g | Diameter: 55.9mm | Width: 44.30mm | Material: A7075/SS Bearing: Licensed Dif-E-Yo Concave


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