Duncan Big Fun Yo-Yo - Fingerspin Ready, Long Spin Time - Polycarbonate YoYo

Color: Aqua/Yellow
Sale price$ 17.99

The Big Fun™ is the newest in the plastic line. The goal is to make it BIG and FUN! Time was invested in making sure that this yo-yo is one of a kind: big, fingerspin-ready, with long-spin time and low risk of breaking the yo-yo easily! The name says it all, so no need for a long introduction. Enjoy Big Fun!

What's Fun Here?
New tuning method.
Metal hub for longer fingerspin tricks and high durability!
New spacer technology.
BIG size, BIG spin & BIG concave bearing!

Weight: 63.6 grams
Width: 44.25 mm
Diameter: 63.50 mm
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Hub Material: 6061 Alloy
Pads: 19mm Duncan Pads
Bearing: Licensed Dif-E-Yo

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