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Duncan Freehand ONE Yo-Yo - Iconic Butterfly Shape - Polycarbonate YoYo

$ 24.99 

In 2001, Duncan launched the original Freehand and with it, came a change in the world of yo-yos. They tapped into something unique. Although it was not fully understood as to why, everybody recognized it: the Freehand was special. In addition to launching a new style of play, the Freehand's shape, aesthetics, and feel made it into an instant classic.

Over the years they explored many different designs emphasizing various elements of the original, but with different materials and shapes. On its 20th anniversary they are returning to the roots with what might be the best plastic Freehand yet.⁣

Weight: 67.5g/2.38oz
Width: 39.37mm/1.55in
Diameter: 57.15mm/2.25in
Material: Polycarbonate
Bearing: Size A