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Duncan Roadrunner Yo-Yo - 6061 Aircraft Aluminum YoYo

$ 34.99 

Introducing the all-new Roadrunner (2018), the most recent addition to the Runner series! The stylish groove and wide shape make this yo-yo outstanding and powerful! For this yo-yo, the main focus was on creating a nimble, mobile, and all-around fun yo-yo. The wide shape helps you land all your risky and technical tricks, along with enabling ease of horizontal tricks. And as a cherry on top, the stylish groove finish gives you some great, flowy grinds! The Roadrunner is impeccably versatile, with a unique design enabling speedy and stylish tricks. So come along for a wild ride with your next favorite throw, the Roadrunner!

Weight: 66.9g
Width: 42.43mm
Diameter: 54.84mm
Body Material: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Pads: 19mm Duncan Pads
Bearing: L. Licensed Dif-E-Yo Concave
String: Polyester