Few & Far Between Elysium Yo-Yo - Organic YoYo with Many Extras

Color: Mars
Sale price$ 110

From Few & Far Between
When setting out to create our idea of a quality, organic yoyo, Patrick and I went through many variations of Elysium. Patrick developed several mock ups and variations of Elysium, until we decided on this version which was less rounded at the rims and flared out a bit. My ultimate goal from the beginning was to make an organic yoyo that was smooth, floaty, yet powerful and stable and make it as unique and original as possible.

The 7068 Aluminum is considered to be one of the best materials, if not the best material, to make a yoyo out of other than titanium (and some say that it still competes with titanium). We wanted this yoyo to be full-sized and for it to fit comfortably in the hand. Considering this, we decided on the diameter being 57 mm and the width being 47.1 mm. A wider catch zone was definitely something that we wanted, therefore we made the gap 4.5 mm wide so that you could land as many tricks as possible without missing the string. The weight of the yoyo, we believe is right in the "sweet spot". It is not too light, but it is also not too heavy. Next, we wanted to focus on how the yoyo felt in the hand. We wanted the feel/texture to be a matte beadblast so that you could do any kind of grind with it, finger, thumb, arm, and even hand grinds.

Designed by Patrick Dressel & Moises Vidal, Artwork by Chris Francz, String made by Airetic Strings, Counterweights and String Picks made by Michael Letsom of Ded Hed Designs, Box made by Gaites Klein, RSO Landing Pads provided by Elvin Lim of Round Spinning Objects

Each purchase will include the following:
- Elysium Yoyo
- Matching, custom made box design
- Matching, custom made Airetic string
- Matching, custom made pouch
- Matching, custom made counterweight
- Matching, custom made string pick
- Matching, custom made button
- Few & Far Between enamel pin
- Few & Far Between face mask
- Stickers (RSO, Airetic and F&FB artwork + logo)
- RSO Landing Pads

Weight: 64.1g/2.26oz
Width: 47.1mm/1.85in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Gap: 4.5mm/017in
Axle: 4x12mm
Material: 7068 Aluminum

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