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FRESHTHINGS Coca-Cola Yo-Yo - X Shaped Aluminum YoYo

$ 55.00 

Coca-Cola Yo-Yo TYPE X (Aluminum Metal)

Highly collectable, this collaboration between FRESHTHINGS and the iconic Coca-Cola company features the Coca-Cola logo engraving on the anodized aluminum body! The yo-yo comes in a Coca-Cola themed box and is an official licensed product. The Coca-Cola Type X yo-yo comes responsive with a thin c sized bearing for a classic up and down yo-yo experience that any person can enjoy even at novice levels and is great choice for Coca-Cola and yo-yo collectors alike!

Weight :65 g /2.29oz
Width : 40mm/1.57in
Diameter :53.5mm/2.10in
Material : Body - Aluminum 6061