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ilinx melatonin Yo-Yo - Midsize-Pocket Organic YoYo

$ 59.99 
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The design of melatonin is inspired by the hormone Melatonin and its sedative effects. The rims pillow outward and the curves in the hub flow like a billowed sheet.

The form is a little bit smaller and slimmer than average and will fit comfortably in your pocket.

The melatonin ships with a size C Center Trac bearing* and 19mm slim mouse pads, is machined from 6061 Aluminum, and is best enjoyed with a glass of warm milk.

Sales of this yoyo support the 'kill your yoyo' podcast as well as future projects that promote the concepts of yoyo performance and improvisation.

Weight: 67.6g/2.38oz
Width: 39.8mm/1.56in
Diameter: 54.5mm/2.14in
Material: 6061 ALuminum

*CT used with permission from YoYoFactory