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iYoYo UNLiMiTED Yo-Yo - Ryan Connolly Signature Offstring YoYo

$ 59.99 

Ryan Connolly is not only a star in the Offstring YoYo Community - he's also an expert in Offstring YoYo design.

Ryan tested over 100 models over the years and approached iYoYo with what he feels was the perfect Offstring yoyo for the current play style, introducing the UNLiMiTED Off String. It follows the shape of iYoYo's first offstring, the AiR DiVE but has a smaller diameter and wider in keeping with modern trends. The large bump area and double rim construction helps maintain a solid sense of stability during long sleeps, supporting the off string style.

The default setting is a slightly wider gap, which can be replaced with the included silver spacer to create the same slightly narrower gap setting as the Skylight and Icebreaker. Since it is possible to set each half side separately, the gap can be finely adjusted among the three patterns.

Weight: 76.5g/2.70oz
Width: 65.8mm/2.59in
Diameter: 69.9mm/2.75in