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(Jolly Roger) Pirate Bounce Ball Begleri - by Big Larry

$ 5.99 

Begleri is the newest old skill toy. It's as simple as it gets, just play around with it. It's a fidgeter's dream come true. Just twirl it or take it to the next level with complex finger maneuvers.
Big Larry's Jolly Roger Begleri has the added option to bounce it. It comes back great if you drop it just right. It is very fun and a little addicting.
This Jolly Roger Begleri is made of two black pirate bounce balls, about 1" each. This Begleri weighs in at 27 grams total and has metal washers on the ends to add a little more weight and to protect the ball from wear. The cord is braided polyester that is smooth and durable.
Made in the USA by Big Larry exclusively for Zeekio.
Comes with a Zeekio drawstring bag and extra cord.
Cords come extra long so you can cut them down to your preferred size