Josh Horton Juggling Fun Set - Great for Beginners - For Kids or Adults!

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Josh Horton Juggling Fun Set - Colors Vary

Josh has put together a fun juggling set for anyone from kids to adults. Everything you need to start juggling.

Included in Set:
3 Brightly Colored Juggling Scarves - A great way to learn and proactive basic juggling concepts.
3 Silver Josh Horton Beginner Juggling Balls - The perfect size for smaller hands, these juggling balls are soft on the hands and won't roll away.
1 Zeekio Soft spinning plate - Made of tough polypropylene with smooth edges and bright colors.
1 Josh Horton over sized drawstring bag to store your juggling items neatly and to take them with you when you are juggling on the go.

Colors of all items will vary

Zeekio Spinning Plate: 9.5 Diameter - including hand stick
Josh Horton Balls: Diameter 2.25", 100g

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