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KROM Kendama NAKED PLASTICITY Kendama - Cut from Durable Maple Wood

$ 50.00 


The KROM PLASTICITY series have been updated with a new naked look, allowing you to see woodgrain in the tama while still keeping the funky design intact. Cut from durable maple wood and featuring the CK shape giving the ken it's unique slender and elegant appearance, this kendama is optimized for a diverse playing style with focus on being able to incorporate all different styles of tricks and grip switches.

The sound of kendama is the sound of peace, that's what the PLASTICITY series is about. Although camouflage has been used for combative purposes throughout history, this dama signifies the opposite.

• KROM CK shape
• KROM LOL clear coat
• Maple wood
• Base Cup WARP HOLE
• Weight Match Guarantee *tama and ken will be within 0-7 grams*
• Tama size 61 mm
• Ken height 165 mm
• String length 70 cm
• KROM Bearing
• Stickers