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MAGICYOYO D5 YoStar-Light Yo-Yo - Looping LED Light Up YoYo

$ 15.99 

The tightness of the response is perfect for AA beginners. It has a great shape and the yoyo flips nice on loops. The lights are bright and are easy to turn on and off with a paper clip. The yoyo feels solid in the hand, has a nice stable spin quality, and has nice and bright color options. The weight of the yoyo is distributed nice and evenly. The built in lamp board and batteries can be taken out if you feel that the weight is a little heavy for long use.

Weight: 60.2g/2.12oz
Width: 36mm/1.42in
Diameter: 59mm/2.32in
Gap: 2.4g/0.09in
Material: Polycarbonate
Response: Star Burst