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MAGICYOYO Dawn D3 Yo-Yo - Plastic Looping YoYo

$ 12.00 

D3-DAWN is the latest version of injection molding products after MAGICYOYO-D1/D2 of MAGICYOYO in 2020. As we all know, 2A practice consumes a lot of yoyos, and many novice players also start from the 2A recyclable yo-yo, so D3 is named the starting point. MAGICYOYO is committed to allowing global players to buy better quality at the best price for practice and compete with the 2A Yo-Yo.

D3 has gone through several improved proofing stages from the design brewing in 2019, combined with market demand, and overcome many problems. D3 adopts the latest rotary locking technology.

The nut rotates with the sphere to a certain extent to reduce the damage to the sphere caused by over-tightening, greatly reducing the risk of bursting the ball of the traditional nut, and greatly improving the affinity between the player and D3.

Weight: 53g
Width: 36mm
Diameter: 59mm
Gap: 2mm
Bearing: 4x8x3 Flat
Response: Star Burst