MAGICYOYO Variant Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate Plastic - Jeffrey Pang and Brandon Vu Design YoYo

Color: White
Sale price$ 21
Variant is a polycarbonate plastic yoyo. Brandon Vu teamed up with MagicYoyo and Jeffrey Pang to create the Variant. They allocated close to 80% of the Yoyo’s weight to the rims and increased the Yoyo’s diameter to increase rim weight allocation even further. To keep it fast they reduced the yoyo’s total weight to a nimble 66 grams. The result is a fast powerful plastic that glides across the string and can handle everything you throw at it.

It is a model with a large diameter, and it is characterized by its unique lightness feeling that it moves considerably quickly.

Brand: Brandon Vu & Magicyoyo
Designer: Jeffrey Pang
Material : PC ( Polycarbonate )
Weight: 66 Grams
Diameter: 61.57mm
Gap: 4.45mm
Width: 44.8mm
Bearing : center trac
Axle: M4*10mm
Pad: clear standard 19mm.

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