Monkey Fist Begleri- Monkey Barrels Begleri Set- 7075 Aluminum

Color: Black
Sale price$ 45
The Monkey Barrels Begleri Set is made of 7075 Aluminum. They weigh 13.71 Grams that makes a set roughly 27.42 Grams (excluding the paracord)
Each Barrel is 22mm tall, 20mm wide in the center, and 16mm ends. The hole on top is 3mm and 8mm on bottom. The Barrel has 5 groves on the outside to represent the rings on a barrel. They provide excellent texture and Grip for rolls and controlling the Barrels as they sling in between the fingers. After excessive use the Barrels will eventually ding, chip, scratch, and age. These are called Love marks which adds character and are inevitable if you use your Begleri to its fullest.
Each Set comes Sealed with
• 2 Natty Monkey Barrels
• 5 strands of 95 paracord
• 1 Monkey Fist Begleri Sticker

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