MonkeyfingeR Aotus YoYo - High Performance Aluminum Yo-Yo - Will Hahn Signature

Color: Chance of Tornado
Sale price$ 95

OK, you little animals...get ready for the AOTUS!

This has been a long time coming! The Aotus is Will Hahn’s signature throw, designedto match his stealthy and impressive 1A and 5A repertoire. Will was heavily involved in thedesign of the Aotus, and he pushed the envelope on this design. He really wanted the stabilityto keep up with his best tricks while still being comfortable enough to play right through the night. Plus, it had to be suitable for both 1A and 5A. No pressure at all.

From MonkeyfingeR:
As always, MonkeyfingeR pulled out all the stops for colours on this release. They just can’t help ourselves! Please have a look at what colour-ways we have cooked up in the Frankenlab this time out...

First up, you had better check the weather forecast because it is going to be cloudy with a chance of Tornado. Thankfully, not the destructive kind but the totally awesome kickass fun kind! Oh sure, it starts out nice but after throwing this for a little while to get some gale-force speeds and lightning! This is a new colour-way designed just for this release, so get ready to grab it.

Can you feel it? Your senses are starting to tingle? Ya we know exactly whatyou mean. Every person we have showed this colourway to have all had the same answer “hey that reminds me of spider-man” well we say mission accomplished. This is exactly what we are going for. Spidy Sense was created just for this release and suspect it will be one of peoples fav’s.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Nope, make a colour-way! With summer right around the corner we figured we needed something bright to put a shine on things andmake you smile. Summer is all about pie and not just any pie, so how about a Monkey Meringue? The perfect combo of lemons, meringue spots and triple acid wash green. I bet you are smiling just thinking of that. If so, this new colour-way is just for you!

The Saimiri is an older colour-way that was never released. WE created it with Will during the PixelApe release but never ran with it. Yet, even though it’s an older idea, it still totally stands up to the MonkeyfingeR style of anodizing. Oh, and in case you are wondering about the name, “Saimiri” is genus classification of the squirrel monkey. You know us, we have to keep with our funky animal theme!

Black and white yo-yos have been around forever but never quite like this. Say hello to the Spy vs. Spy! It’s all about the details, people. Each side of the yo-yo is a colour inverse of the other. Black splash with a silver spy tattoo and silver spots, and vice versa! Let the spies battle it out while you kill the tricks!

Exclusive YoYoSam Edition The Forgotten Nebula is an awesome Blue and Pink Colorway.

What is in the box?! I know, I know,you need to know. This is always my fav section of these emails because I get to tell you about all the cool swag each throw comes with. Better yet, this is the first official release that incorporates our new triangle info card!

Each box will contain the following:
The Aotus in your fav colour-way (duh!)
String: MonkeyfingeR Vines colour-matched to the yo-yo
Response system: complementary coloured MonkeySNOT
Bearing: Tasmanian Tornado
MFD sticker with an Aotus sticker
Product info cards
Leaf bag (we have all new patterns!)
New triangle info card for the Aotus
Black display box with a magnetic clasp

Oh, and for you detailed oriented animals, here are the Aotus specs:
Width: 44.9mm
Diameter: 57.1mm
Weight: 65.1 grams.

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