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Polyform A4 Yo-Yo- Hollow Polyamide 66 Nylon Ring - Bi-Material YoYo

$ 85.00 

This is the A4 - named as a representation of a blank page for a fresh start. The yoyo itself is a 6061 body with a hollow Polyamide 66 Nylon ring, a plastic lighter than traditional Delrin or Polycarbonate. It gives the yoyo a very distinctive aesthetic without affecting the powerful feel of the yoyo.

The new PF20.6 Pad was developed to allow for a snappier bind compared to conventional 19mm pads. It was a challenge to source a custom adhesive that was transparent enough to display the engravings underneath. A set of extra white silicone PF20.6 Pads are also included in the box along with a randomized sticker design and string. A Fatter string is recommend for use with this yoyo.

Weight: 66.1g/2.33oz
Width: 46mm/1.81in
Diameter: 56.5mm/2.22in
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Ring Material: Polymide 66