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Prohibition Yoyo Speakeasy Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 110.00 

This is Prohibition Yoyo's first release. The project had to encapsulate many of the things they adored about modern yoyos. This meant a few things: it had to be light, powerful, and elegantly designed. The design exemplifies the benefits of a bimetal, which means the ability to pack a lot of power in a low weight package.

The inverse round approach to an H shaped yoyo has a few performance benefits as well. An inverse catch zone helps to bring the body of the yoyo away from the string, reducing drag. It also makes the Speakeasy especially suited for finger grinds, the gradual curve hugs your finger and keeps it balanced and stable.

Each color of the Speakeasy is based off of a different cocktail, both created just before the Prohibition began. The Last Word is represented by the pale green colorway, and the Aviation by the blue and purple fade. Cocktails are a fun analogue to yoyos in the way that each has a recipe for the final product, especially for bimetals

Weight: 63g/2.22oz
Width: 43.2mm/1.70in
Diameter: 56.25mm/2.21in
Body Material: 7068 Aluminum
Rims - Stainless Steel

Each Speakeasy will come with a custom Prohibition Yoyo cocktail Recipe Card, a sticker, and is equipped with a Zipline Alpha line string.