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Rain City Skills The Author Yo-Yo - Chapter 2 - 2nd Edition - Light Weight YoYo

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The Author Returns

From Rain City Throws -
Last Summer we released The Author - a 56g yoyo that played 10g outside it's weight class. The original paired with Jeremy's book "How to Run a Boutique Yoyo Business", a tribute to his new side career as an author. The colourways matched story genre's.

This has become the go-to throw for the grown-up yo-yoers who need something a little easier on the shoulder/wrist/arm. Jeremy McKay has chronic shoulder pain from a car accident and wanted a yoyo he could throw without pain, but was still powerful enough to work through designing and teaching complicated yoyo tricks.

For the 2nd edition we added some cosmetic changes in the cup and on the rim, but otherwise it's the same great throw.

Width: 44.1mm
Diameter: 54mm
Weight: 56.3g
Bearing: Groove Concave

In the Box
-The Author yoyo strung with Rain City x Sochi String, wrapped in an autographed rough draft page from one of Jeremy's books
-Lego mods (attach to the hubs for style and added center weight) including a lego sword
-A custom Mr Yoyothrower Pen/tablet stylus

Lego sword? It goes with the pen so customers can decide - "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"