Sergeant Sling Yoyo "the clip" Yo-Yo Clip - Adjustable - Military Grade Hook - Heavy Duty Paracord

Color: Cotton Candy
Sale price$ 14.99

We feel that this goes above and beyond for any yoyo holder. Easily the most versatile design yet, it can safely, silently and securely carry all sizes of yoyos from oversized to micro, slim lines, fixies, offstring, 3A sets, 5A set ups, even diabolos aren't too large! No more swinging yoyos to ding. No more cheap carabiners. No more surprise ball taps. These slings ride close to your body, high and tight with no swing! The Clip has so many configurations that it give you options of how you want to carry based on your needs for that day. One hand retrieval of your edc? Got it. Super secure deisgn that keeps the clip away from the yoyo? No problem. Silent carry of hard counterweights and yoyo? We got ya. 3A players, daisy chain 2 Clips together and carry your set easily! Fixies? Yup. Loonie? Yep. Burm? Yes!

We strongly feel this is the best yoyo holder on the market today regardless of cost or materials.

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