Sweets Kendamas Signature Models -Wood Kendama - Sticky Paint

Color: Roy Purdy Prime (Green/Pink)
Sale price$ 29.99

Signature Models

The Reed Stark Moonlight Safari Mod: Inspired by his original Safari Mod, this new variation adds even more style and playability.
Maple Safari
Boost Shape

The Boo J Mod: Inspired by his signature Splatter Grizzly Grip Tape, this kendama looks unique and plays amazingly.
Maple Splatter Grip
Boost Shape

The Roy Purdy Mod: The beech Prime ken features custom engravings and printing on the sarado, showing off Roy's signature glasses and more. The tama has incredible tracking with a Pink and Green half-split and a white 30% around the bevel. Finished with Prime Sticky Clear this dama is made to shred.

Boogie T Mod: Maple Boost Shape Kendama with custom engravings. Unique QR in small cup and signature Boogie T Swirl design on the big cup. Oversized Beech Tama with Sticky Clear paint.

Includes extra string and sticker pack

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