The Good Life Valley Yo-Yo - Competitive Undersized YoYo - Chris Rodriques (C Rod) Signature

Color: Hibiscus
Sale price$ 60

Valley Signature Throw of Chris Rodriques (C Rod)

From The Good Life:

We started working on the Valley quite some time ago in 2018. The idea was to make a yoyo for Chris that was outside the "cookie cutter" realm of shapes for yoyos today, have it be undersized, and of course still hold up for competitive play. After many prototypes & trial and error we decided on the current design. At first throw it feels like a zippy and fun undersized yoyo and for it's size & shape is weighted perfectly, capturing that sweet spot between laggy and floaty play.

The name "valley" is inspired by Chris's hometown of Wenatchee Washington, a city in a valley and where he was first introduced to skilltoys. Kendamas in specific which then led to yoyos... which then led to the yoyo the Valley. Full circle. With that being said we are stoked to finally get them into people's hands and try out what we've been working on!

Weight: 65.3 g
Width: 42.2 mm
Diameter: 52.8 mm
Gap: 4.5 mm


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