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Throwing Sideways The Parthenon Yo-Yo - Organic Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 95.00 
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From Throwing Sideways:
The Parthenon is our first venture into BiMetal territory! 7068 Aluminum with SS rings. We designed the Parthenon with the idea of upgrading our sophomoric effort, the organic monometal, ‘The Sistine’. We wanted to give it a more powerful feel while increasing the level of fun, and we’ve definitely done it! While we still love the feel, play and price of the Sistine, the Parthenon takes it to a whole new level. A must have for Organic lovers!

Weight: 62.5g/2.2oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 55mm/2.17in
Gap: 4.45mm/0.18in
Body Material: 7068 Aluminum
Ring Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Bead Blasted