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TOP YO Aura Yo-Yo - Mono-Metal with Bi-Metal Style - High End Series YoYo

$ 39.99 
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Allow me to introduce our new high-end series - AURA.

Top-Yo's high-end monometal series with bi-metal style coloring (bi style).

This high-end monometal series by Top-Yo started in 2021, landed in Japan in 2022 and has finally arrived in the US. One of the features of this series is the bi-metal style coloring (bi style) design using A7003 alloy, which is one of Top-Yo's favorite alloys.

The design itself is a mid-size wide yo-yo, and since the weight is quite clearly placed on the outside, from the moment the yo-yo is thrown out, it feels more powerful than its actual weight of 65g. The gently S-shaped, step-round-like shape softens the impact of the catch from such a powerful feel, showing power during control and a gentle side during return.

Weight: 65g/2.30oz
Width: 45mm/1.77in
Diameter: 54.6mm/2.15in
Gap: 4.5mm/0.18in
Body Material: 7003 Aluminum