TOP YO Colossus V Yo-Yo - 5th Generation High Performance YoYo - 7-Series Aluminum Alloy!

Color: Fusion
Sale price$ 29.99

TOPYO classic cost-effective Yo-Yo Colossus, ushered in the 5th generation.

The 5th-generation colossus inherits the advantages of the ancient colossus, such as high cost performance, 7-series aluminum alloy, semi-blasted surface, glossy response area, super long spin time, etc.
Naturally, some new upgrades have also been ushered in.
The 5th generations of colossus are used to improve the smoothness and use finer sandblasting. Enhances the texture of the sphere while also making the touch smoother.
A full sphere does not mean bloated or too rounded, and the angle of the fold line, the radius of the arc, and the length of each line length after a long period of time are only used to obtain a contour that is acceptable to everyone as much as possible.
The colossus five uses the design of the large circular logo laser engraving in the past, but the difference is that the inner diameter incision design makes the outer ring look much lighter. This design also shifts the weight distribution and makes the spin more stable.
The central nipple area shape back to the original classic design. TOP YO classic design language with many new era elements create the ultimate colossus 5th generation.

Finish:profile sand blast

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