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Turner Return Tops Buoy YoYo - Mono-Metal Yo-Yo

$ 59.99 
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The Buoy has a full-sized floaty experience. Designed for chill sessions where you just want to relax and let the tricks flow, but still capable of going "god speed" as the kids say. More weight was pushed to the center for float, while keeping the catch zone wider with a more competitive style response bump to give you space for tech. A rounded profile makes finger grinds a joy and a nice wide rim surface to cushion your catch.

Buoy! comes unresponsive with a C bearing and M4x10mm axle installed. If you're feeling froggy though, the bearing seat has been designed to accept a slim C bearing and M4x8mm axle (not included) * for responsive play!

Laser engraving in the cup ensures that you'll know you're riding the waves when you pick up your Buoy!

Moon Rock Colorway - Please note, laser engravings were omitted on the Moon Rock colorway. There are no ocean waves on the you'll have to learn how to moon walk instead. The pale grey color and chalky texture are so satisfying to the touch and on the grind. This edition comes unengraved and weighs 0.3g more than its traditionally anodized counterparts

All Buoys! come equipped with Round Spinning Objects Type 40 Landing Pads for snappy crisp response. Also included a Zipline Strings Executive Class Lite string for plush feels. Each Buoy! also includes a TRT citrus logo sticker and a limited series POG, enjoy!

Weight: 63.3g/2.23oz (+0.3g for Moon Rock)
Width: 46mm/1.81in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Bearing: Unresponsive Size C